Thursday, October 22, 2009

guess I'll revive this one too

I was going to delete this blog, but on a second thought, it might be nice to keep up with the lovely things popping up in my life!

So here goes a tiny list (have to run soon) & what is essentially my Things I Love Thursday!

+washing short hair - no conditioner necessary!

+the amazing unfurling of sunrise outside my window

+Everything vis-a-vis astrology! I spent the latter part of my studio today figuring out everyone's sign + ascendancies, haha.

+Going off of that, being a double fire sign! Some may say I'm too much fire (Sagittarius with Leo ascendancy) but I love the passion and energetic optimism that comes with it.

+My professor's poetry reading tonight - Denise Riley, check her out, she's amazing.


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